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          Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

          SPJ-SPND W50 water emulsion

          Trade name: initiator SPND W50
          Molecular formula: C14H28O3
          Molecular weight: 244.4
          Structural formula:
          SPND is colorless or yellowish transparent liquid (pure). Theoretical active oxygen content: .6.55; automatic decomposition accelerating temperature: 20℃.

           Half-life temperature (taking chlorobenzene as dilution solvent): 
          The reaction activity of peroxide at different temperature is decided by half life period t1/2 (sec). The corresponding temperature is 44℃, 63℃, 98℃ when the half life period is 10h, 1h and 1min. 

          【Technical index】

          Item SPND W50
          Appearance white emulsion
          Active oxygen(%) 3.23~3.3
          SPND (%) 50.0±1
          Chlorine(%) ≤ 0.05

          Initiator SpND W50 can be usd as initiator for PE suspension polymerization and bulk polymerization at 40-65℃. It can whether be solely used or used together with other initiator. 

          【Packing and storage】
          plastic drum, , net wt 20kg.or in accord with client's requirements...
          SPND products shuld be stored in lightproof refrigeratoreis with temperature below -15℃. Alarm temperature: -5℃. Please keep it away from heat resources, fire resources, accelerant, stabilizer, heavy metal compound and iron rust. Don't put it in the place with hidden tanger of fire. Effective period: 3 months. It can still be used after effective period is tested to be qualified. . 
          During transportation, it should be placed in -15℃ refrigerated containers. It can not be transported by train, and it needs special permit if transported by sea or by land. Please load and unload it as fast as rapidly, to shorten the time of it exposed in the air.

          Flammability:  SPND W50 is inflammable. Its flammability and expolosibility will be reduced if there is water. The main decomposition products after ignited are carbon dioxide and 2-ethylhexanol. 
          Protection: This product can be treated as inflammable low-toxicity chemicals. Please take safety measures when use it. It is pungent to eyes, slightly pungent to skin, and has some toxicity (oral toxicity, rat: LD50: 12918mg/kg). Don't contact it to eye or skin. Don't eat it. 
          Please rinse the eyes and skin with large amount of water if contacting it. When preparing or treating initiator, please wear protection mask, rubber gloves and apron. Be care of high-pressure vapor and hot solution, to avoid scalding.


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