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          Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

          SPJ-HZ Oil soluble terminator

          SPJ-HZ Oil soluble terminator The terminator used in polymerization of PVC resin production can rapidly and uniformly enter the polymerization system, terminate unreacted free radical, stabilize PVC, and improve whiteness and thermal stability of PVC resin. 
          SPJ-HZ Oil soluble terminator It will copolymerize with PVC after use, to improve plasticizing property of resin as well as surface cleanliness, impract resistance, surface properties of products, and reduce plasticizing temperature and fish eyes. 

          【Technical index】

          Appearance straw yellow oily liquid
          Density (20℃) , g/cm3 0.960
          Involatile matter (%) ≥ 80.0

          Generally when polymerization pressure is the pressure drop of 0.05 ~ 0.05 MPa can join SPJ - HZ (depending on the GeChang process conditions).
          Join the amount of monomer into the kettle 0.035 ~ 0.055% should be according to the process in the resin type, Initiator varieties, different amounts of monomer inputs make proper adjustment, choose to best quantity.

          【Packing and storage】
          1, This product is packed in dard plastic drums, net wt 25kg.or in accord with client's requirements...
          2, Please place it in dry, shady, cool, and ventilated warehouses. .
          3, ts effective period is one year if stored well. .
          4, After the effective period, it can also be used if tested to be qualified.


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