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          ◆    中文版   ◆    ENGLISH

          Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

          SPJ-ATSC Acetone thiosemicarbazone

          ATSC can be used to produce PVC through suspension method, and can also be used in other fields. It is a kind of terminator widely adopted when producing PVC, with high terminating speed, high oxidation resistance, low comprehensive cost, good terminating effect and easy storage, etc. 
          The thermal stability of ATSC will be greatly heightened if used together with bisphenol A. 
          ATSC is pure and solid, so please dissolve it in alkaline aqueous solution before use. 
          Chemical name: Acetone thiosemicarbazone
          Trade name (code): ATSC
          Molecular formula: C4H9N3

          【Technical index】

            Top grade First grade
          white powdery crystal
          Assay (%) ≥
          Melting range (℃)
          Volatile matter (%) ≤
          Fe (%) ≤

          Suggested dosage: when the polymerization gets to the end (Transformation ratio: about 85%, pressure: 0.1—0.15MPa), the dosage is normal: adding 0.0033 % of terminator ATSC according to the quantity of VCM . (Abnormal dosage is adopted to terminate polymerization in emergency, reference dosage: 0.021 %.)

          【Packing and storage】
          1, It is packed in carton drums lined with plastic bags, net wt 10kg.or in accord with client's requirements...
          2,   It should be stored in dry, cool and shady places. Please protect it from heat resources, insolation and rain.
          3, Effective period: one year... After the effective period, it can also be used if tested to be qualified.

          When transporting or moving sealed ATSC, pay attention to protection measures. Don't breath in the dust of ATSC. Protect the eyes, skin and cloth from contacting the dust. Please use it following Labor Protection Rules of Chemicals.


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