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          ◆    中文版   ◆    ENGLISH

          Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

          SPJ-DJ-4 Catalytic cracking double-metal passivator

          【Technical index】

          Appearance light yellow to brown even liquid
          Density (20℃) ,g/cm3 >1.30
          PH value (20℃) 6.5-7.5
          Active matter Antimony content, % 8-20
          Tin content, % 1-5
          Solidifying point , ℃ -10~-5
          Thermal decomposition temperature, ℃ >280
          Solubility miscible with water
          Note: also provide anti-freezing type Metal passivator for special users, and its Solidifying point is less than 20 ℃.

          【Packing and storage】
          1, 200L plastic drum, net wt 200Kg.
          2, This product can be stored in a ventilated & cool place, far away from fire.
          3, The shelf-life is two years.


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