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          ◆    中文版   ◆    ENGLISH

          Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

          SPJ-HS-1 Atmospheric and vacuum low temperature Corrosion inhibitor

          【Technical index】

          Item Quality index Test method
          Appearance brown brown to light yellow transparent liquid Visual inspection
          Water dissolve test no separation GB/T 6324.1-1986
          Density (20℃), g/cm3, 1.2±0.2 GB/T 1884-2000
          Freezing point , ℃≤ 20 GB/T 510-1983
          pH(10% Aq. solution) ≥11 GB/T 9724-2007
          【Packing and storage】
          1, nylon drum or metal pail, net wt 200Kg.
          2, Sealed, avoid light, kept in cool and dry place, no contact with anionic surfactant, antioxidant and acidic material.common chemicals, Storage period is one year.

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