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          Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

          SPJ-POEM Polyoxyethylene monolaurate


          POEM Viscosity reducer is a kind of good non-ionic surfactant, with high wettability, dispersity and visocity reducing property. It is mainly used to produce and process PVC resin, to reduce the visciosity and improve the properties of EPVC. It is also widely sued as wetting agent, emulsifier and viscosity reducer in petroleum, detergent, pesticide, textile and such industries. 
          Molecular formula: C30H60011
          Structural formula: CH3(CH2)10COO(CH2CH2O)9H
          Molecular weight: 596.8

          【Technical index】

          colorless or straw yellow sticky liquid
          pH value (1% aqueous solution)
          Volatile matter (%) ≤ 1.0
          Residue on ignition (%) ≤ 0.5
          Acid value (mgKOH/g) ≤ 8.0
          Saponification value (mgKOH/g) 90~96
          Assay (%)≥ 98.5

          Application technique 
          POEM Viscosity reducer After the emulsion polymerization of EPVC has finished, add the viscosity reducer (0.1-1.0% of emulsion), stir it to uniform, and dry it to EPVC resin of low viscosity. Or add the viscosity reducer (0.5-2.0% of resin) according to the viscosity when producing EPVC. 
          POEM Viscosity reducer Please preheat it before use when the room temperature is lower than 10 ℃ to keep its high fluidity.

          【Packing and storage】
          1, This product is packed in iron drums, net weight: 200Kg; or in accord with client's requirements..
          2, Please handle it with care. Prevent it from collision, insolation and rain. It should be stored in dry, cool, shady and ventilated places. Don't put it bottom up..
          3, Effective period: one year. After the effective period, it can also be used if tested to be qualified.


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